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Nimbus builds boats that meet the requirements of the conscientious yachtsman who appreciates smart functionality, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. Properties we consider essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise. The company was established 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Commuter series

Contemporary commuter vessels designed to make daily life onboard as simple and comfortable as possible, irrespective of whether you are travelling alone or with passengers.

Coupé Cruisers

An international award winning series with superior “all round” qualities, where socialising and onboard activities have been combined with excellent long cruising characteristics. Our Coupé Cruisers are made for the conscious customer who enjoys social activities, comfortable living and easy handling.

Day Cruisers

Suitable for comfortable social activities or weekend trips with overnight accommodation. Stylistically pure Scandinavian design focused on simplicity and smart functional solutions.

Tender series

Tender is a series for those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and value well-though-out solutions and smart functionality that provide a comfortable and safe boat life with almost unlimited possibilities.

Environmental responsibility

As one of the most respected brands in Europe, Nimbus shoulders a responsibility to influence environmentally sustainable thinking. Our corporate policy is to take great pains over building boats that enhance the relationship between boats, people and the environment. We have a vision; the increased freedom of people to move at will across the sea shall not be achieved at the expense of the environment.

We started our electric ambition already in 2009 and have had an electric powertrain as an option for three of our boat models since 2015.

Smart Speed Concept

Comfort and safety before speed

Smart Speed features a hull designed for comfortable driving at speeds from 0 to 22 knots. The speed can be adapted to sea conditions for higher safety, better comfort and the best possible experience at sea.

At Nimbus our belief is that a boat should run comfortably at the speeds at which it is used. We know that Coupé owners are fond of cruising at speeds from 4 to 20 knots, when boats normally produce large wake and burn a lot of fuel. For the 305 Coupé and 305 Drophead we have designed a hull that rides comfortably throughout the entire speed range. In practice, the 305 has no real planing threshold and returns low fuel consumption at all speeds. Speed can be adjusted to weather conditions, which provides better safety, comfort and the best possible ride from which to appreciate your natural surroundings.

Electric Nimbus boat driving in the ocean
drawings of the nimbus boats
Nimbus boat in at night in the harbour

The E-power concept

As a result of our business concept, we have set a course for the future in which environmental issues play an increasingly important part. In line with this ambition, we have introduced our E-Power Concept. The E-power Concept, also known as “Environmental Power”, represents Nimbus environmental thinking for the future, in which we include the entire boat-building process from production engineering to climate-smart materials. We also look closely at construction engineering and hull design to attain ultimate propulsion, striving to achieve a state in which the entire chain makes as little impact as possible on our environment.

We currently offer the 305 Coupé and 305 Drophead with an electric engine and powertrain.

Torqeedo electric Deep Blue 50i 1400
with BMW i3 42.2 kWh batteries

The boat is fitted with a Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i 1400 rpm drive with a 42.2 kWh BMW i3 battery. Charging takes 16 hours from a 230V source or 8 hours from a 380V. Cruising speeds between 5 to 8 knots provide optimal combination of speed and good range. The installation can be upgraded with an optional battery pack to include two BMW i3 fast charging batteries 2 x 42.2 kWh totalling 84.4 kWh.

With a cruising speed of 5.7 knots the boat have a range of *53 Nm. At 3.7 knots the range increases to *86 Nm. 

Torqeedo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric drives for marine use, both private and commercial. Deep Blue 50i 1400 is a proven system in use worldwide. The 305 Coupé and the new 305 Drophead E-power are built on order and can be ordered at any time going forward.

* Please note that range varies depending on conditions at sea.







High Power Electric Propulsion

More than just a battery powered electric motor, Deep Blue electric propulsion is a fully integrated high power system, exclusively providing efficient, clean and comfortable mobility on the water. The system is electrically charged in the port, energy is efficiently stored in high end lithium batteries and used thereafter for powerful and comfortable low noise and zero emission propulsion up to 50 kWh input power per motor.

Electric motor and battery technology have developed quickly in recent years. We had already allowed for electric power in the design when we entered the construction stage of the new 305 platform. The bottom of the 305 is optimised for lower speeds (0-22 knots) and designed to function well with smaller engines. Consequently, the Torqeedo electric motor suits us perfectly

Mats Jacobsson

Chief engineer at Nimbus AB


Nimbus drawing
1985 Innovation of the energy-efficient sandwich hull and Divinycell application.
Nimbus boat under construction laminating boxes
1995 Laminating boxes at Visby, big improvement for working conditions and reducing external environmental impact.
vacuum injection of a nimbus boat
1997 Vacuum injection implemented.
Pieces of wood
1999 Introduction of climate-smart materials (FSC teak) and ongoing projects to inspect ecological validity of all materials used.
Stepped hull
2000 Stepped hull to improve boat efficiency, stability and fuel efficiency.
buildings from above next to an ocean
2005 The Ryds yard wins prize for environmental work and reduced emissions.
Boat in the ocean
2009 27 Nova S is voted Best Environmental Motorboat by the Swedish Boating Industry.
Swedish prime minister on a nimbus boat with other men
2009 The Swedish Prime Minister visits our newly opened state-of-the-art yard in Mariestad.
nimbus boat in a large warehouse
2009 Nimbus wins the Mariestad municipality’s environment award.
Electric powered engine nimbus boats
2009 First Nimbus with electric powered engine due to E-power concept - Nimbus environmental thinking for the future.
Nimbus boat with a white background
2015 Introduction of ”Smart Speed” hull design with new model 305 Coupé.
Electric powered Nimbus boat on the ocean
2016 Nimbus start sales of electric-powered boats in co-operation with Torqeedo.

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