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Nimbus builds boats that meet the requirements of the conscientious yachtsman who appreciates smart functionality, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. Properties we consider essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise. The company was established 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Commuter series

Contemporary commuter vessels designed to make daily life onboard as simple and comfortable as possible, irrespective of whether you are travelling alone or with passengers.

Coupé Cruisers

An international award winning series with superior “all round” qualities, where socialising and onboard activities have been combined with excellent long cruising characteristics. Our Coupé Cruisers are made for the conscious customer who enjoys social activities, comfortable living and easy handling.

Day Cruisers

Suitable for comfortable social activities or weekend trips with overnight accommodation. Stylistically pure Scandinavian design focused on simplicity and smart functional solutions.

Tender series

Tender is a series for those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and value well-though-out solutions and smart functionality that provide a comfortable and safe boat life with almost unlimited possibilities.

The W11, Nimbus's vision of the ideal weekend cruiser, is designed for individuals with active lifestyles who wish to extend their weekends, travel further and spend time with loved ones.

Smart functional design

The W11 is built with functional Scandinavian design as a core element, in true Nimbus tradition, executed with care to ensure the best comfort and experience for the user. It also features the award-winning Nimbus sidewalk design which provides ample interior space and easy and safe movement on the deck.

The interior layout and multifunctional seating arrangements are specially designed for social activities and entertaining. The multiple large social areas are perfect for hanging out with friends or family, relaxing, taking a swim or soaking up the sun on either the fore deck or on the aft deck. The W11 also includes new features such as folding side balconies for added space and flexibility when anchored and an optional hydraulic swim platform that extends aft of the engines so you guests on board can be closer to the water.

The cockpit of the W11, similar to the W9, offers superior protection with a large window screen and seating for three. The standard open boat is equipped with a targa, but an optional large electric sun-top similar to that of the T11 can also be added.

Below deck there is space for four people to stay comfortably overnight in two spacious berths and a spacious bathroom with toilet and shower.

Lounge and large socializing spaces

The boat’s heart is found in its lounge area. This is an extra vast and multifunctional socializing space that can be easily adapted depending on activities such as cruising, sunbathing, swimming, entertaining, lunch and dinner or a quiet afternoon of reading in the shade.

The boat is built on the same well-balanced stepped hull as the T11 and the C11 with proven great high-speed properties in combination with a low planning threshold. The boat is fitted with either twin Mercury V10 outboard engines, 400 hp or twin V8 engines, 300 hp. The speed range is between 20 and 40+ knots.

“The W11 is designed to extend your options, take you where you want to go fast, with more space and features on board. Simplicity and ease of use were key considerations in its development, resulting in a boat with next-level comfort to maximize easy living,” says Joacim Gustavsson, chief designer at Nimbus.

Who is the W11 for?

The W11 is tailored to meet the needs of boaters who want to make the most of their weekends and short trips. Whether you’re looking to entertain guests or spend time with family, the W11 has you covered.

The W11 is designed to extend your options, take you where you want to go fast, with more space and features on board. Simplicity and ease of use were key considerations in its development, resulting in a boat with next-level comfort to maximize easy living.

Joacim Gustavsson

Chief Designer at Nimbus Group AB

360° Experience

We'd like to think you instinctively feel it's not just our passion for boating or the quality of craftsmanship that sets Nimbus apart. It's the result of generations of experience made stronger by modern technology.

You can experience the Nimbus W11 below up-close in a virtual tour.

Nimbus Yacht Digest

Nimbus Yacht Design, A special edition, made especially for Nimbus Boats that associates a cover dedicated to the W11, with the pages of the new issue of YACHT DIGEST, an issue dedicated to the trials of the most beautiful boats.

Yacht Digest

Quick facts

Big Sunbed with foldable backrest on front deck with easy and safe access.

Big T-Top with electric softtop.

Twin cabins with toilet and shower.

Big galley for cooking and in close area to seating arrangement.

Ergonomic driver area with huge  screen for Panoramic view.

Easy to cover up the whole cabin with canopy for use in all weather conditions.

Above all, very sleek design with massive sea going capacities and high performance.

Technical Specifications
Length 12,40 m / 40 ft 7 in
Width 3,46 m / 11 ft 4 in
Weight incl. 300hp engine 5 600 kg / 12 345 lb
Draft 0,9 m / 3 ft
Max Air Draft 3,75 m / 12 ft 3 in
Fuel Capacity 850 l / 224.5 US gal
Fresh Water Capacity 135 l / 36 US gal
Black Water Capacity 80 l / 21 US gal
Grey Water Capacity optional
Refrigerator Capacity 70+70+85 l /2,47+2,47+3 cu/ft
Design Category B10, C12
Number of berths 2 (sleeps 4)
Speed +40 knots
Engine Alternatives
Mercury Verado V8 2x300 hp
Mercury Verado V10 2x400 hp
Nimbus W11 Extend Your Weekends