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Nimbus builds boats that meet the requirements of the conscientious yachtsman who appreciates smart functionality, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. Properties we consider essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise. The company was established 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Commuter series

Contemporary commuter vessels designed to make daily life onboard as simple and comfortable as possible, irrespective of whether you are travelling alone or with passengers.

Coupé Cruisers

An international award winning series with superior “all round” qualities, where socialising and onboard activities have been combined with excellent long cruising characteristics. Our Coupé Cruisers are made for the conscious customer who enjoys social activities, comfortable living and easy handling.

Day Cruisers

Suitable for comfortable social activities or weekend trips with overnight accommodation. Stylistically pure Scandinavian design focused on simplicity and smart functional solutions.

Tender series

Tender is a series for those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and value well-though-out solutions and smart functionality that provide a comfortable and safe boat life with almost unlimited possibilities.

Swedish boat manufacturer Nimbus has acquired 100% of Bella-Veneet Oy’s business operations from Raimo Sonninen and Brunswick Marine. The acquisition includes the retail business Flipper Marin AB in Täby, Sweden.

About Bella Boats

Bella-Veneet Oy has been under the leadership of Raimo Sonninen since 1970. The company
manufactures boats in Kuopio and Larsmo, Finland and employs in the region of 150 people. The Bella
Group consists of four different brands; Bella, Flipper, Aquador and, the most recent addition, aluminium
boat series Falcon. Exports currently account for 78% of sales, with customers in 25 countries. The
collaboration with Brunswick Marine, manufacturer of the Mercury engine, which began in 2003 when
Brunswick acquired a 36% stake in Bella-Veneet Oy, will continue undiminished after the acquisition.

About Nimbus

Nimbus Boats opened for business in 1968 and is one of Europe’s leading leisure craft manufacturers.
With a Scandinavian approach to design and functionality, Nimbus develops vessels for the boat life of
today and tomorrow. The company’s products are characterised by their seaworthiness and functionality, by
their environmental awareness and by the care taken in their manufacture. Aside from the Nimbus brand,
the company also develops, manufactures and sells the brands Alukin and Paragon Yachts for the global
market. Nimbus’ head office is located at the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club (GKSS) harbour in Långedrag,
Sweden. Production takes place at three locations, with the main production unit located just outside
Mariestad, Sweden. Vessels are sold to consumers via a global network of dealers. Approximately half of all
sales are accounted for by wholly-owned resellers and half by independent dealerships. The percentage of
exports is in excess of 70% and the company’s turnover for 2018 is estimated at SEK 500 million. The
company has 145 employees.

Through the merger of two boat manufacturers with such strong traditions, our presence will be reinforced in the Nordics and, from this perspective, we will create a robust platform for further global expansion. As we now become a true house of brands, care must be taken to nurture and balance our brands in relation to one another. At the same time, our joint dealers will have the opportunity to offer the market an even more complete range adapted to all types of boating that may take place in their local areas. In fact, we are also creating a number of synergistic benefits in terms of both product development and our supply chain

Maria Nikula

Maria Nikula

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Nimbus Boats Sweden AB manufacturer leisure boats for the European market. Our brands include Nimbus Boats and Paragon Yachts. Nimbus head office with its permanent exhibition and full service marina is located at the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Harbour in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.