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Nimbus builds boats that meet the requirements of the conscientious yachtsman who appreciates smart functionality, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. Properties we consider essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise. The company was established 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Commuter series

Contemporary commuter vessels designed to make daily life onboard as simple and comfortable as possible, irrespective of whether you are travelling alone or with passengers.

Coupé Cruisers

An international award winning series with superior “all round” qualities, where socialising and onboard activities have been combined with excellent long cruising characteristics. Our Coupé Cruisers are made for the conscious customer who enjoys social activities, comfortable living and easy handling.

Day Cruisers

Suitable for comfortable social activities or weekend trips with overnight accommodation. Stylistically pure Scandinavian design focused on simplicity and smart functional solutions.

Tender series

Tender is a series for those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and value well-though-out solutions and smart functionality that provide a comfortable and safe boat life with almost unlimited possibilities.

360° Experience

We'd like to think you instinctively feel it's not just our passion for boating or the quality of craftsmanship that sets Nimbus apart. It's the result of generations of experience made stronger by modern technology.

Here below you can experience the Nimbus C11 up-close in a virtual tour.

The C11 is a fast and spacious year-round Commuter designed for long distance transport with high comfort. What distinguishes C11 from traditional commuters is that it can easily change its characteristics from "closed" to "open" to better suit day-to-day activities or as a family holiday boat.

Fast and seaworthy

C11 offers the same solid handling and seaworthiness as the T11. The speed register is between 20-40+ knots and it can easily handle long distances at high speed while maintaining comfort. The range is 205 nautical miles with outboard and 285 nautical miles with inboard.

The 11-series models are built on the same well-balanced, air-lubricated twin stepped hull that has very good high-speed characteristics combined with low planning threshold. The hull has a sharp bow section for splitting the waves and an added "flare" leads away water spray so that the boat runs dry. The boat is equipped with two Mercury Verado V8 300 as standard.

- “C11 is a multifunctional Commuter that fits several markets with different needs. Regardless of the market, high speed, protected comfort and good seakeeping are valued. But if the boat is used on the Norwegian West Coast, around the Mediterranean or on the North American east coast, the needs will look different when traveling and at destination. Therefore, we see a clear advantage that the boat has naturally high flexibility and more uses than a traditional Commuter,” says Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director at Nimbus.

Flexible spacious salon

The C11 is designed to easily transport up to 9 people fast, protected and comfortable year-round, regardless of weather conditions. What stands out is the flexibility of the boat which gives it more uses.

The heart of the boat is the cozy spacious salon with large light inlets and a seating arrangement that can easily be adjusted depending on activity. For example, transport for 9 people in the direction of travel, dinette for lunch or a large u-sofa for socializing. The flexibility comes from the fact that the two sofas can be folded and moved to different positions depending on the desired functionality with simple handles and that the table can be raised, lowered, rotated and folded. The salon has several easily accessible stowage compartments.

The high ceiling height and natural lighting in the salon combined with fully opened side doors, open stern door and fully opened roof hatches gives the feel of an open boat.

The helm seats two people in typical snug Nimbus manner and has plenty of storage compartments. As a driver you can choose to stand or sit while driving. The dashboard has space for two 12-inch plotters. Options include professional suspension seats and joystick steering.

Wide passages for extra
freedom of movement

Like the sibling T11, the C11 has plenty of social areas on deck, a wide walk-around with extra generous deck space and wide passageways that provide significantly good freedom of movement on board. The wide sliding doors allow two people to easily pass each other in the doorways without being crowded. The C11 is easy and convenient to board or disembark and is easy to load or unload.

The large aft deck can be used as a load surface and has a folding bench with fender holders. The aft deck holds an easily accessible storage space that measures 2500 liters intended for gear, tools and luggage. The swim platform and aft deck are well sized and can easily accommodate several people at the same time. There is an option of an extra external helm with plotter and joystick on the starboard aft deck.

The foredeck offers room for a divan and a sun bed as well as a large cargo hatch with access to the front cabin. Thanks to the large gunwale sides, the foredeck can also be used as a seating area and socializing space.

Below deck you will find a fully equipped galley, two separate cabins with space for two couples or a family of four and a spacious head with toilet and shower with sufficient headroom.

The C11 is prepared for air conditioning, diesel generator (genset), gyro stabilization, joystick steering, roof racks, professional suspension seats, solar panels and much more.

Positioning System

The perfect option when the driver wants to maintain the boat’s heading and position for a moment – when preparing for docking, waiting to refuel or for a bridge or lock to open.

When docking, the crew gets time to prepare fenders and lines totally stress-free. It also gives the driver time to safely plan a change in the route, or keep the position in large sea depths.

Repositioning enables you to automatically move and rotate the boat with a simple tap of the joystick, while still in DPS mode. This feature is perfect when making slight adjustments when wind and currents make manual operation difficult.

To engage the Dynamic Positioning System, the driver just presses a button on the Joystick control – and the boat’s position and heading is safely kept within a very limited area. By just moving the control levers, or pressing the button once again, the driver disengages the system

Joystick Docking

Joystick Docking makes docking easy and safe. The driver just pushes or rotates the joystick in the desired direction and the boat follows: forward, reverse, sideways, or spins on its own axis. It’s simple and logical, and all maneuvers are totally intuitive.

Complicated shift, throttle and steering wheel combinations are no longer needed when docking a boat. Joystick Docking makes close-quarter maneuvering easy, even fun.

Sophisticated software in the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system transforms the driver’s joystick movements into steering angles, gearshifts and throttle positions for intuitive maneuverability at both low and high speeds.

Easier maneuvering

The Low‐speed Mode puts full focus on operating and gives the driver more time for maneuvers and corrections. Full drivability and increased control at reduced boat speed make docking and operating in tight spaces less stressful. It also facilitates maneuvering when fishing and driving in inland waterways.

Technical specification

On the link below you’ll find a browsable and downloadable technical specification where we’ll explain and show you images, features & functionality and more of the Commuter 11. Enjoy!

Nimbus C11 - Brochure 2020
Our ambition has been to create a multifunctional contemporary Commuter that feels natural to use for several activities such as fishing, swimming, socializing or vacation. It should be just as useful for social contexts in the sun as for transport in rain and cold. Normally we protect against the weather and wind, but the C11's saloon can easily be opened in sunny weather and let in the sun to let everyone on board take in and enjoy the light. If there is too much sun, you simply fold out the sun protection or start the air conditioning.

Joacim Gustavsson

Chief Designer at Nimbus Boats Sweden AB

Who is the C11 for?

Nimbus C11 is a fast, multifunctional Commuter for long distance transport in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and North America. It’s an easy-to-use, smart boat for those who want greater freedom, more uses, who value seaworthiness and caring contemporary Scandinavian design.

Quick facts

Speed characteristics +40 knots, cruising speed 20-40 knots

Air lubricated twin stepped hull design with low planning threshold

Built for speed, exceptional seaworthiness and handling

Walk-around design

Spacious salon with large light inlets

Sofas in salon with three functional modes (transport, dinette, u-sofa)

Extra wide side doors and sliding glass door in aft

2 x electric glass roof hatches

Extra-large aft stowage 2500 l

Cargo hatch on fore deck with access to fore cabin

Sun shade on fore deck and aft deck

Double bed in forward cabin

Mid cabin with double bed

Separate head with shower

Sunbed and divan on foredeck*

Diesel generator and air conditioning*

Humphree active stabilization*

Gyroscopic stabilization*

Joystick steering*

Roof racks*

*optional equipment

Technical Specifications
Length 12,40 m / 40 ft 7 in
Width 3,46 m / 11 ft 4 in
Weight (no engine) 6 600 kg / 14 550 lb
Draft 0,9 m / 3 ft
Max Air Draft 3,75 m / 12 ft 4 in
Fuel Capacity 850 l / 224,5 US gal
Fresh Water Capacity 135 l / 36 US gal
Black Water Capacity 80 l / 21 US gal
Grey Water Capacity optional
Refrigerator Capacity 75 l / 2,65 cu/ft
Design Category B10, C12 max 12 people
Number of beds 4 (2+2)
Speed +40 knots
Engine Alternatives
Mercury Verado V8 2x300 hp
Mercury Verado V10 2x400 hp
Volvo Penta D4 DPI 2x320 hp
Standard Equipment
2 x Mercury Verado V8 300 hp (COLD FUSION WHITE)
Zip wake automatic trim system
Bow thruster SE100
Fresh water system
Separate head with shower
Shower on transom
Refrigerator 75 liter
Simrad Plotter, NSX 12"
LED deck lights
Interior LED lights with dimmer
Seating with large sofas and table