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Nimbus build boats that meet the requirements of the conscious yachtsman who appreciate smart functionality, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. Properties we consider essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise. The company was established 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Commuter series

Contemporary commuter vessels designed to make daily life onboard as simple and comfortable as possible, irrespective of whether you are travelling alone or with passengers.

Coupé Cruisers

An international award winning series with superior “all round” qualities, where socialising and onboard activities have been combined with excellent long cruising characteristics. Our Coupé Cruisers are made for the conscious customer who enjoys social activities, comfortable living and easy handling.

Day Cruisers

Suitable for comfortable social activities or weekend trips with overnight accommodation. Stylistically pure Scandinavian design focused on simplicity and smart functional solutions.

Tender series

Tender is a series for those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and value well-though-out solutions and smart functionality that provide a comfortable and safe boat life with almost unlimited possibilities.

360° Experience

We’d like to think you can tell that you instinctively feel it’s not just our passion for boating or the quality of craftsmanship that sets Nimbus apart. It is the result of generations of experience made stronger by modern technology.

Here below you can experience the Nimbus W9 up-close in a virtual tour.

The W9 is intended for those looking for a wellequipped, somewhat faster day cruiser with obvious Nimbus DNA; a boat for those who value functional Scandinavian design, simplicity, safety, security and attention to details.

Day cruiser for an active lifestyle

"We have carefully selected some of the highlights from our best-selling boats, carefully refining the design and developing new functionality in order to make life as easy and comfortable as possible for everyone on board. The W9 has inherited a great deal of its design language and elements from our older, iconic models,” explains Joacim Gustavsson, Chief Designer at Nimbus.

Among the design elements that will be easily recognised are the interior layout, which has many similarities to the 26 Epoca and 32 Ballista, the broad fore deck for extra safety and ease of boarding and disembarking, a feature of the Max II, the design of the side windows from the 22 Spectra, the design and function of the window frame with integrated canvas hood cover from the 305 Drophead, the air-lubricated stepped hull introduced to the Nimbus family with the R-series in 2000, and much more.

Excellent seaworthiness and speed

The W9’s hull is long, with a sharp bow section and a relatively flat hull at the stern. The Nimbus development team has purposely made every effort to maintain a low centre of gravity and to obtain a beneficial length to width ratio that causes the boat to take a certain wavelength and cover the ocean safely. The new hull makes the W9 fast, with a maximum speed of +40 knots.

“Our aim was to ensure that the boat was secure and harmonic at all speeds, especially between 20-35 knots, and also have a minimal planing threshold. Those who have test driven the W9 up to now have experienced precisely that. The fact that – due to its excellent balance, stability and well-defined flair – the boat remains extremely dry without excessive spray, only increases the sense of security. It certainly feels as if we’ve succeeded,” says Mats Jacobsson, Technical Director at Nimbus.

“We realise the importance of meeting the needs of a larger target group by offering boats with great flexibility for various areas of use, based on a single platform. As things look today, these needs vary from long, year-round transportation in northern Norway to short, speedy day trips in the Mediterranean, and everything in between. We are also aware that engine requirements vary depending on the intended use. This is why the customer themselves can decide between a diesel or petrol inboard engine or an outboard engine,” explains Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director at Nimbus.

Functional design executed with care

The W9 features the prize-winning Nimbus Sidewalk design. This provides the boat with generous space for its size and also makes it safe to move around the boat and foredeck. Clear walkways around the entire boat increase safety and provide a sense of security both in port and at sea.

The bow design is new and is the result of a desire to draw out the water line as far as possible to achieve the desired cruising characteristics. The bow angle facilitates an integrated front anchor winch and reduces the risk of collision when docking on rocks.

The cockpit provides protection for everyone on board with its large window screen. The interior layout and furniture arrangement is specially designed for social activities and entertaining in a variety of situations. One significant asset of the W9 is the unusual ease with which it can change use, for example when it’s time to take a dip after a meal on board.

“It can often be complicated to change from one activity to another, requiring lifting, clearing away, screwing and unscrewing components and removing or putting out cushions. On board the W9, only a few simple actions are required to change the boat’s function from a dining area to sunbathing and swimming activities,” says Joacim Gustavsson.

The World of Nimbus

A Nimbus provides beautiful design, comfort, quality and safety at sea, values we assume every owner requires for themselves and for their families.

Nimbus W9 - Brochure 2020
It is important to us that we are able to meet the needs and wishes communicated to us by our customers, the people who use their boats to get around on a daily basis. This is why we have created a modern commuter, for those who travel in typical Nordic weather throughout the year.

Joacim Gustavsson

Chief designer at Nimbus

With Bimini
With Canopy
With Full canopy

Quick facts

Completely new air lubricated stepped hull design

Minimal planning threshold razor sharp bow section

Speed characteristics +40 knots, cruising 20-35

Can be fitted with outboard or inboard engine

Sidewalk design

Double bed in fore cabin with separate head

Cabin with integrated ventilation

Large L-sofa in cockpit that converts to sunbed
during day time and serves as double bed at night

Large pentry/wetbar in cockpit with 65 litres

Dashboard can be fitted with 9″ up to 16″ or
double 12″ plotters

Available with T-top and multiple canopy solutions

Sunbed on fore deck with integrated cushion/
cover solution.

Window frame with integrated canopy solution

Great choice of equipment for personalization

Weekender 9

Technical Specifications
Length 9,35 m / 30.6"
Width 2,95 m / 6.68"
Weight incl. 350hk engine 2 800 kg / 6173 lb
Fuel Capacity 320 litre / 84.5 gallon
Water Capacity 80 litre / 21.1 gallon
Refrigerator Capacity 65 l / 17.17 gallon
Design Category C, 8 persons
Number of beds 2
Speed 40+knots
Toilet in seperate cabin
Pentry/wetbar in cockpit
Engine Alternatives
Mercury Verado V8 250 hp
Mercury Verado V8 300 hp
Mercury Verado L6 350 hp
Mercury Diesel 3.0L V6 Bravo3 270 hp
Volvo Penta V8 CE/DPS 300 hp
Volvo Penta V8 CE/DPS 350 hp
Standard Equipment
Mercury Verado 250 hp (COLD FUSION WHITE)
Bow thruster
Zipwake dynamic trim-control system
Simrad Plotter, Go 9"
Shower on aft deck
Fresh water system
Seperated head
Refrigerator 65 litres
Lightning package
Stainless steel pulpit
Carpets and decoration pillows