The History of Nimbus

Passion and love for boating since 1968.

It started in the early seventies when Volvo Penta needed a new kind of boat to suit their newly developed engine. An innovative group of people quickly seized the opportunity to create a new kind of boat for the social lifestyle. The Nimbus 26 was born and along with it a company that would become of one of Europe´s most renowned boat manufacturers. The company´s history is a true success story, a tale of innovation, perfect timing and survival. But most of all a story about people who know about boats and their passion and love for boating. A story still being told.


The first five
nimbus were built

Back when it all began when the first five Nimbus 26’s were built. By a boat-building team that had no inkling they were creating Scandinavia’s leading boat building company and one of the leading brand names on the market.

”Björn Borg
advertising campaign”

The Nimbus 800 Turbo, launched in the 1980s, was an obvious choice for world-famous tennis player Björn Borg. The joint advertising campaign was a big success. Björn signed a tennis racket for Nimbus as a gesture of thanks for such a fine craft.



The sea in their blood

Hans Wiklund grew up with the sea in his blood. Sailboat or motorboat; both were as natural a part of his upbringing as water sports and fishing. Not unnaturally, his experience and successes in boat racing had an influence on his ideas about how the perfect boat should be designed to possess the correct properties.

The Norweigan Convoy

Customers travelled to the Nimbus head office in Långedrag and then sailed their new Nimbus’ home in convoy. A voyage that took three days to cover the 475 nautical miles to Bergen. The convoys started 1984 and remained a tradition for 15 years.

From Ferrari
to Nimbus

Nimbus caught the eye of famous Italian designer Nuccio Bertone in 1998. The result was a very special and limited edition of the Nimbus 26 DC. The 26 DC Epoca has become one of the most beautiful and sought after boats in the history of Nimbus.



A gift worthy a king

When King Carl Gustav of Sweden celebrated his 50th birthday, the choice of present was obvious. The presentation was made by Lars Wiklund in person, as a representative of the Royal Swedish Yacht Clubs.