Made for your lifestyle.

Made for your lifestyle.
Nimbus 305 Coupé

Sturdy, smart functionality in an attractive design and with elegant lines for families, bons vivants and inveterate seafarers. Apart from a number of improvements and smart functional solutions, it’s below decks that the greatest changes have been made. An underwater body that eliminates the planing threshold and facilitates comfortable driving at speeds from 0 to 22 knots with lower fuel consumption.

”Our ambition was to build a classic, super-functional Coupé boat with obvious Nimbus genes for quality conscious families and experienced seafarers who prioritise comfort, simplicity and functional design,” said Joacim Gustavsson, chief designer at Nimbus Boats Sweden AB.

The biggest news is the boat’s hull, which has been entirely re-designed and optimised for speeds from 0 to 22 knots.
It is made for smaller engines (Volvo Penta D2 and D3) and built to run equally comfortably irrespective of speed. The hydro-dynamic shape of the hull means that the boat has no planing threshold at all.

”At Nimbus our concern is that a boat should run comfortably at the speeds at which it is used. We know that Coupé owners are fond of cruising at speeds from 4 to 20 knots, when normally boats produce large wake burn a lot of fuel. For the 305 Coupé we have designed a hull that rides comfortably throughout the entire speed range. In practice, the 305 has no real planing threshold and returns low fuel consumption at all speeds. Speed can be adjusted to weather conditions, which provides better safety, comfort and the best possible ride from which to appreciate your natural surroundings,” said Mats Jacobsson, product development manager at Nimbus.

The 305 Coupé will mark a new entry into Nimbus’ popular and award-winning Coupé series featuring the “sidewalk” design. The “sidewalk” deck layout optimises walking space to starboard, making it especially easy to get off and on the boat and to spend time on deck. While adding to the generous space available in the cockpit and cabin.

Just like other models, the 305 Coupé has been given a more modern design, glued windows with a large, curved windscreen, opening, flush fitted sliding doors to starboard, generous light and opening roof hatches in the saloon. The flush fitted side door provides maximum gangway breadth and a large door opening. An integrated part of the boat’s design, the side door allows the boat to be steered or laid to while standing outside on the deck.

The helm instrument panel has been maximised to provide the greatest possible flexibility and can be equipped with accessories according to individual requirements.

The large after-deck is fitted on the same level as the swimming platform and saloon. The saloon features large flat surfaces and is both light and airy and cosy, thanks to choice of materials. A dinette solution provides plenty of room for four people and converts easily into a double berth.

The interior of the boat is of wonderful quality and atmosphere, particularly in regard to space and light. The boat has integrated ventilation and large opening port lights for extra light intake. Upholstered bulkheads in light colours help to reduce noise. The boat has two cabins, an owner’s cabin and a side cabin, sharing a common head.

In all, the 305 Coupé is a contemporary, super-functional boat with reduced environmental impact and which is perfect for an uncomplicated and enjoyable life at sea. The boat is built in Sweden at the Nimbus yard in Mariestad and will be launched in January 2015.


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