Nimbus News

  • Made in Sweden

    5 december, 2013

    Nimbus boats are built in Sweden and designed to meet the requirements of the conscious yachtsman who appreciates proper...

  • European power boat of the year award

    5 december, 2013

    At Europe’s largest boat shows, try the Düsseldorf boat show in January, illness the Nimbus 365 Coupé was voted...

  • Sneak preview of the new 405 Coupé

    5 december, 2013

    Modern look and design with clever, functional solutions. The new 405 Coupé is the largest of the popular and…

  • The R-series – true racing legacy designed for pleasure.

    12 mars, 2013

    An exceptional performance hull fitted out with all the luxurious comfort you can possibly think of. If you want...

  • Testrapport 34 Nova – Vi Båtägare

    18 december, 2012

    It is the tireless efforts to exceed our own (and our customers) high expectations in terms of design, mind...

  • New owner to Nimbus

    12 oktober, 2012

    The Swedish holding company R12 AB is the new majority shareholder of the Nimbus Group with the brand names...